Friday, September 9, 2016

Timing of Madison and Clark Counties Family Court Judge’s Resignation Questioned

The timing of family court Judge Jeffrey Walson’s announcement of his resignation has raised questions in some circles in Clark and Madison counties. As reported by, what has sparked a controversy is that the judge’s wife, Kimberly Blair Walson, subsequently filed papers to succeed her husband.

Bowling Green, KY divorce lawyers who are closely following the story explain that people have the right to raise questions although there are several factors to be considered in such cases before jumping the gun. Incidentally, Judge Walson resignation was effective August 7th but many question whether his retirement was planned to pave the way for his wife to succeed him and keep other potential candidates out of the fray.

However, the 54 year old judge who still had six years of his eight-year term remaining after his re-election as family court judge in 2014 has refuted all allegations. He claims that people had the time to file although candidate Elizabeth Elkins Bond tended to disagree. Walson also claimed that Joan Deaton Grefer filed her candidature on August 9th, and would appear along with his wife in the November ballot.

However, Bond, the write-in candidate who reached Frankfort three minutes after the filing deadline, alleges that the Judge Walson’s announcement was intentional and aimed to ensure that Kimberly Walson was the only person on the ballot. Kimberly Walson filed her candidature just one day prior to the deadline of Aug. 7th.

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Judge tenders resignation to Gov. Bevin

Walson reportedly requested for Gov. Bevin for an opportunity to announce his retirement on his own terms in the August 9th edition of his hometown newspaper. He sent related emails to the bar associations in Madison and Clark counties on the day of the filing deadline the same day, which was the deadline for filing as well.

Kimberly Walson is said to have followed that up later the same afternoon with emails to the bar associations seeking their members’ support to succeed her husband, according to Kentucky divorce attorneys. In her letter, Kimberly Walson cited her husband’s resignation and her intention to replace him, and requested their support.

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Candidates suspect timing

In an email, Joan Deaton Grefer said she came to know of Walson’s resignation only at 2:30pm on the day of filing and rushed from Richmond to Frankfort since there was only an hour and a half before the deadline. She claimed that both Judge Walson and his wife attempted to call her while she also received a message from Kimberly requesting Grefer to call before she filed.

However, the latter says she did not respond as she did not want them to talk her out of the race. On the other hand, the Walsons claim they were unaware of Grefer’s interest in the position. Kimberly confirmed having called Grefer but that was only to let her know that she wanted the pair to have a nice, appropriate race and be courteous with one another throughout the race.

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