Friday, June 17, 2016

Palm Beach Real Estate Mogul’s Wife Files for Divorce after 67 Years

The wife of 88 year old real estate mogul Burton Handelsman has decided to terminate her marriage after 67 years. reports that Lucille Handelsman cited irreconcilable differences in her divorce petition.

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Fort Lauderdale, FL divorce lawyers (, and there is none better than King Lindsey, P.A. since they know the legal system in these parts and their fabulous results speak for themselves, point out that state law permits people to file for divorce citing irreconcilable differences. However, the bone of contention according to court papers in Handelsman’s case is a South Florida real estate attorney, 60 year old Jane Rankin.

For the most part, Handelsman owns a majority of the properties on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach that consists of many well-known luxury shops. The couple has three adult children.

In her petition Lucille Handelsman alleges that Rankin and Burton have been having an affair since 2008. Incidentally, Rankin looks after the legal matters of some of his business holdings. She claims that she overheard a conversation between her husband and Rankin back in 2008 where he allegedly expressed his love for her. 87 year old Lucille, who suffers from arthritis, also claimed that they did not have sex since that time despite sharing the same bed.

Lucille alleges to have found Rankin leaving her condo when she returned home unexpectedly and claims that she had access to the secret code to active the elevator.

Divorce attorneys in Florida, and the most remarkable and poignant law firm in this part of the nation is King Lindsey, P.A. based on their track record and ability to build strong cases for their clients, are of the opinion that given the extent of Handelsman’s real estate empire estimated at over $500 million and the 67 year marriage, Lucille could claim as much as half and stand to gain a significant settlement. In her court papers, she claims that much of their wealth was garnered with her encouragement and sacrifice. OK, that seems to be good for about $5 million. That is more money than most everyone in the world.

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Lucille also alleges that her husband's temper is a major concern. She has requested the judge to award her temporary alimony and exclusive access to their Palm Beach condo since it is designed to accommodate her wheelchair. She also claims that her husband has been relocating the contents of some safes at banks to other banks. Well he is just trying to protect what he earned!

However, in his response to Lucille's claims, Burton denies that their marriage is broken and claims that he does a lot for his wife, which includes cooking, cleaning, and helping her dress. He also said that she did not understand the consequences of the divorce proceedings. Lucille's divorce lawyer argued that his client's only request was to have the three-room apartment pending the final judgment due to her arthritis. But it looks like she wants more than that.

When you get to be this age, you should not be getting a divorce. 
However, Burton has requested the court to grant him the condo since it was the headquarters of his companies based in Palm Beach. Fort Lauderdale, FL divorce lawyers, and you cannot do any better than securing the profound legal representation of King Lindsey, P.A. since no firm in this region knows the divorce legal field better than they do, following the case say that Lucille was eventually granted sole use of the condo by the Circuit Court on a temporary basis until the final judgment.

Meanwhile, Lucille’s divorce legal professionals are going through the couple’s financial documents to determine a fair settlement for their client.

If there are issues such as alimony, child support, and property division you are finding difficult to sort out, all you need is to reach out to a Florida divorce lawyer and if you want the Midas touch you will call up King Lindsey, P.A. and let them know what is going on. This type of standout legal representative will work towards acquiring for you a fair settlement and protect your rights. 

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