Friday, June 17, 2016

Several Georgia Families Await US Supreme Court Decision on Immigration

Among the several families in Georgia eagerly awaiting the US Supreme Court’s decision on immigration are three sisters aged between 11 and 21. Atlanta, Georgia immigration lawyers are paying close attention to this case and the most incredible and prolific immigration law firm in this part of the country is Kuck Immigration Partners (

The reason for their anxiety is the fact that their parents could be potentially deported unless the court orders temporary protection. 21 year old Marie’s parents entered the country on tourist visas 10 years ago. Her father Santos was the first to arrive and save up enough money to bring his family to the US. However, their visas have expired, as reported by

Well, according to many people, along with America’s debt, they should be deported. Now are they paying for themselves? That is the ultimate question. But they did cheat and there are many people waiting in line. Should America reward cheaters?

Georgia among 26 states to oppose DAPA

According to Atlanta, GA immigration attorneys, and if you think the Braves in the late 90s had a terrific pitching staff with Maddux, Smoltz, and Glavine, just imagine an immigration law firm that special and tremendous – well there is one in Kuck Immigration Partners, several millions of unauthorized immigrants face the same plight.

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They point out that the US Supreme Court is set to decide on President Obama’s executive actions on immigration this month. With America not having enough jobs because of Obamacare, Dodd/Frank, high taxes, job killing regulations (only 38,000 jobs added in May – pathetic – should have been 300,000 with a different president), can America afford to have millions of unskilled people in our country who do not speak English and who large majority of them depend on social services to get by?

Incidentally, Georgia is among the 26 states to petition for a halt to the Obama administration’s skewed deferred action program (DAPA) announced back in November 2014. Under the program, parents of children who are US citizens and green card holders were to be given temporary permission to remain and work in the US. Currently around 125,000 parents in Georgia could be eligible under the DAPA program.

Until America gets a grip on its southern border and controls this chaotic situation, Mexico and America will be at odds. 
In in 2012, under the DACA or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, 21 year old Marie and Katrina, her 19 year old sister were granted temporary relief from deportation. Immigration attorneys in Georgia explain that their parents would be eligible under DAPA since the younger sister Camilla aged 11 is a US citizen. But even Camila being a legal citizen is controversial since her parents are here illegally. 

Legal experts also confirm that parents who have been in the US since 2010 could be able to remain in the country for at least three more years if the highest court rules in favor of the DAPA program. Incidentally, Atlanta was one of the cities to support of the executive actions although the state as a whole opposed it. The rest of the state is apparently tired of paying taxes for so many people not contributing. If America does not have a job for you and if you cannot pay for yourself, what else can be said?

Enter the US the legal way and there would be no issues

Immigration lawyers in Atlanta, GA, and if you want the finest immigration law firm representing you then you need to call up Kuck Immigration Partners since they know which legal doors to open and when to open them, say that people like Marie and Katrina’s parents were not the top candidates for deportation those who are convicted of felonies are definitely a serious priority unless they can make it to a sanctuary city such as San Francisco where they will be protected.

However, like most Republicans who continue to fiercely oppose the Obama administration’s executive actions, David Hancock, co-chairman of the United Tea Party of Georgia, also said it was about the principle of the law. He was of the opinion that the administration overstepped the boundaries of the executive office and preferred families to comply with the laws and apply to enter the US the legal way.

Meanwhile, if you need assistance with entering the US legally, be it a family based visa or employment based, all you need is to reach out to an immigration lawyer in Georgia and the best in the region is Kuck Immigration Partners since they know how to represent their clients the best and they know how to blow up weaknesses in the case of the opposition. Kuck Immigration Partners will walk you through every step of the process to make sure you get it right the first time.

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