Friday, June 17, 2016

Soap Opera Actress Jensen Buchanan Charged with Felony DUI

53 year old Jensen Buchanan, a soap opera actress and Los Angeles resident, has been charged with felony DUI in addition to other charges. The charges stem from a car accident on Highway 154 in which she collided head on with a Ford C-Max driven by 56 year old Bradley Asolas of Camarillo on May 18th, as reported by

According to the California Highway Patrol, Buchanan was eastbound in a Mercedes 550 on Highway 154 when she crossed the double yellow line and collided with Asolas’s Ford close to the Live Oak Camp entrance. The Ford was badly damaged and firefighters were called in to extricate Asolas from the auto wreck. He is said to have suffered critical injuries.

Buchanan sustained minor injuries and was taken to hospital for treatment. Her blood alcohol concentration or BAC registered .34% upon testing, which according to Los Angeles DUI lawyers is almost four times the legal limit of .08% in the state. In addition to felony DUI, she has also been charged with causing grave bodily injury, and other charges.

Buchanan joined the cast of The Young and Restless in November 2015 and has appeared on many soaps including ‘Another World’, ‘One Life to Live’, and ‘General Hospital’, to name a few. Following the DUI car crash she posted bail at $100,000. Her arraignment has been set for June 22nd.
Her acting days will soon be over with.

Appellate Court Rejects Defendant’s Appeal against Conviction for Deadly 2011 DUI Accident

Former Duarte resident William Jose Segura who was convicted for causing a fatal DUI accident and sentenced in January 2015 to 20 years to life in prison had his appeal turned down by a state appeal court panel. According to, the charges and subsequent sentencing stemmed from a deadly DUI accident in September 2011 that took the life of 42 year old Lisa Marie Mireles.

Police reports indicate that Segura, who was in a Lexus travelling at a speed of 63mph, jumped two traffic lights in his car, and rear ended Mireles’s car at Huntington Drive and Mountain Avenue. Los Angeles DUI attorneys knew he was in trouble.

Getting a DUI is no fun. You do not need a Los Angeles, California DUI lawyer to inform you of that.
She was killed in the auto accident while Segura reportedly tried to flee the scene. Reports also indicate that this was his fourth DUI arrest, which according to DUI attorneys in California explains his lengthy sentence. He was convicted for second degree murder, DUI manslaughter, and fleeing the car accident scene.

In their petition filed with the 2nd District Court of Appeal Segura’s defense lawyers cited a prejudicial error by the trial court. They claim the court refused to give jurors an instruction on unconsciousness. However, the appellate court found no evidence that such instruction was applicable in the defendant’s case. The panel observed that Segura’s attempt to flee the scene following the collision made it evident that he was conscious of guilt.

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Meanwhile, if you believe you could be charged with a DUI, make sure to consult a DUI lawyer in California as soon as possible. A DUI conviction could lead to adverse consequences that could jeopardize your future just like it has for William Jose Segura.

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