Friday, September 9, 2016

Interstate-75 Traffic comes to Halt Due to a Truck Accident

A commercial rig accident that occurred in the proximity of Renfro Valley exit earlier last week caused traffic to come to a halt which resulted in a grid lock for hours, as reported by

According to truck accident investigators and the Kentucky state police department, a FedEx Semi which was travelling in a northerly direction hydroplaned, went over the median, and collided with a Pontiac Grand Prix that was moving in the southerly direction.

The occupant of the Pontiac Grand Prix escaped with minor injuries and is now in stable medical condition. The driver of the Pontiac Grand Prix was transported to Rocastle County hospital.

Investigators believe that if it was not for the cable barrier, the auto accident could have been worse in terms of force of impact and resulting damages. They also claim that had the truck struck the car without being interrupted by the cable barrier, the auto accident could have been fatal. The investigation report and other evidence collected will play a vital role in establishing liability and in an accident insurance claim and personal injury lawsuit, if any, point out Lexington, KY truck accident lawyers.

One in Critical Condition after Truck Moped Collision

An auto accident involving a truck and a moped occurred over the weekend on Louisville Road, according to

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The moped was operated by a man identified by law enforcement officers as 38 year old Joshua Helson from Bowling Green. As per police reports, the moped was rear ended by the Ford Pick Up truck. Initially, Helson who was launched off the scooter and suffered serious injury and was then transported to a medical facility and later had be relocated to Vanderbilt Hospital.

The Ford was driven by 56 year old John Roll from Smith Grove and his passenger was 26 year old Rachel Stanley and both of them escaped unscathed. Helson's medical condition is unknown. The police report and other evidence will help establish liability and any claims and lawsuits that may ensue, say Kentucky truck accident lawyers.

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45 Year Old Man Sentenced to Six Year Imprisonment for Truck Theft

45 year old Richard Wyatt who was already sentenced to six years imprisonment for possession of a stolen vehicle last year has been found on the wrong side of the law once again, reports

He was apprehended after causing a hit and run accident while driving a stolen truck, according to law enforcement. Wyatt will only have to serve a total of six years for the two separate crimes since the sentences will run consecutively, say Lexington, KY truck accident lawyers.

Richard Wyatt is wrong and certainly should be in prison. If the economy was so good like the President believes it is, there would be more opportunities for people. Richard Wyatt obviously does not deserve his freedom.

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