Friday, September 16, 2016

Georgia Based Insurance Company Agrees to Pay much more than they need Too

A Georgia based insurance company that provides medical malpractice insurance and has only just begun providing this service has actually agreed to pay an insurance claim of $4.9 million in a medical malpractice case even though the claim in question was seeking more than twice the maximum payout offered, as reported by

The ceiling as set by the insurance company is only $2 million yet in this case they are going to go ahead and pay the claimant the whole $4.9 million. Wow! This seems preposterous and in actuality, it is.

78 year old woman dies from kidney and liver failure after being administered toxic drug

Hospital neglect and medical malpractice lawyers in Atlanta, GA explain that the malpractice correlated with metro Atlanta physician who runs a clinic. The insurance company in question has been identified as Georgia's Georgia MAG Mutual Insurance.

The payment, which is nearly $3 million over the ceiling mentioned in the company’s policy, will be paid to the medical malpractice victim, 78 year old Hui Smith. The Smith family’s Georgia medical malpractice attorney who could have been found by pressing right here Medical-Malpractice.USAttorneys was happy to announce that his client was receiving every penny of what the Smith family deserved.

The verdict was reached on June 29th this year which stated that the victim’s husband Thomas Smith should be paid $4.7 million in total for the damages incurred stemming from the death of his wife Hui Smith based on this hospital neglect.

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So a 78 year old woman who almost lived a full life had her life cut short by just a little has now made her family rich? How many families in the world would love to be the Smith family?

In the lawsuit, the Smith family’s medical malpractice lawyer claimed that Hui Smith had passed away as a result of being administered a powerful and potentially toxic drug called Nizoral which caused kidney failure and ultimately led to her death. It also caused her liver to fail. The legal representative was then able to prove the allegations with supporting evidence and expert testimonies and was thus able to win compensation for his client. And now they are super rich! How many ATVs can they afford? Where is the nearest BMW dealership?

The plaintiff’s medical malpractice lawyer spoke to media personnel and said that nothing could bring back the life of Hui Smith, but he was content that justice had been served and that the money would help Thomas Smith for the rest of his life without his wife. Back to reality… Thomas Smith and his family are loaded. Where is the nearest Macy’s!?

Many people believe the only people who should receive this type of payout are people who earn a good living and have decades left to work.

Physician admitted to medical malpractice and professional negligence

The physician in question was Van Laar who initially admitted to negligence and inadequate care, but during trial he changed his stand and tried to paint the picture that Hui Smith was already aged and so her remaining life value should have only amounted up to $350,000. Many people agree with this. What happened to logic in America?

This argument was based on the fact that the life expectancy tables showed that Smith only had another 11 years to live (wow, average female life span in about 79, she was 78). Atlanta, GA medical malpractice and nursing home abuse lawyers point out that this is a bizarre case. Why did the insurance company agree to this? Most of us will never know.

If you have suffered losses due to a doctor’s negligence or even hospital neglect, you may be eligible to sue the concerned parties. Talk to a Georgia medical malpractice lawyer today to understand what your legal options are. 

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