Monday, July 25, 2016

Son’s Injury Caused by Pharmacy’s Prescription Claims Mother

A Beaumont mother has filed a civil medical malpractice or hospital neglect lawsuit against principal defendants Kroger Pharmacy alleging that the defendant essentially prescribed the incorrect medication to the plaintiff’s son which resulted in him becoming injured, as reported by

The son has been identified as Mandelson Acabado who is a minor and on behalf of him, his mother, Maria Acabado, has filed a civil complaint.

As per the allegations detailed in the lawsuit, Mandelson had been taking medication prescribed by a Kroger Pharmacy physician for nearly two months starting June 29th, 2015 when he started suffering from high blood pressure, vomiting, fatigue, low levels of energy, lethargy, and drowsiness.

This could be a case of negligence depending on the evidence while the plaintiff may file for compensation via a malpractice claim say marvelous Houston, TX medical malpractice lawyers.

The Kroger pharmacy accused of this horrifying mistake is the franchise located at 3845 Phelan Boulevard in Beaumont.

Kroger Pharmacy is being held responsible in the lawsuit since allegedly they failed to review their policies and procedures for filling prescriptions, failed to supervise their technicians, and failed also to assign a sufficient number of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians as required. Consequently, Kroger Pharmacy is liable for the damages caused, claims the Texas medical malpractice attorney representing the mother and the son.

The lawsuit seeks a trial by jury and for the judgment to be determined at trial. The lawsuit claims economic damages, non-economic damages, and punitive damages for this kind of hospital neglect.

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Family Files Suit against a Clear Lake Medical Facility Alleging Negligence

The lawsuit claims that the defendant was negligent in failing to prevent someone from getting injured. The plaintiffs listed in the lawsuit are James Mason, Charles Vance, Helen Mason, Murphy Mason, and Anna Payne and the suit dated June 17th is against defendant Med Home Health, Dr. FolasadeOjo, Clear Lake Regional Medical Center, and Dr. Rakesh Shah, as reported by

Houston, TX medical malpractice lawyers know that smoking a cigarette can be more dangerous if you are smoking near compressed oxygen. 

In the lawsuit the plaintiff claims in the lawsuit that the defendants failed to inform or educate Charles Vance about the risks of smoking while an oxygen tank is in operation within the household. This makes it a valid case for negligence in the opinion of Houston, TX medical malpractice lawyers.

This is why the movie Backdraft is so good - you can learn that fire needs oxygen to survive and the more oxygen, the bigger the threat. 

The lawsuit further claims that plaintiff James Mason suffered burns on his back as he rushed back into the burning house in order to rescue his nieces, furthermore, he had to break through a window and also suffered from cuts because of it.

The lawsuit seeks all damages including legal fees, interest, and any other relief the court seems just. The lawsuit seeks a trial by jury.

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Doctors are only human and they too can err. However, their mistakes can cost lives and irreparable damages. When these mistakes are due to medical malpractice, hospital neglect, nursing abuse, or professional negligence then the victims of such hospitals or care givers are entitled to compensation which they may acquire by filing a medical malpractice lawsuit.

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