Friday, August 5, 2016

Nursing Home Patients $2 Million Allegedly Missing – Son Sues Nursing Home

In one of the latest cases of nursing home abuse, the son of a nursing home resident claims his father is a victim of financial nursing home abuse and has filed a lawsuit in Miami-Dade Circuit Court against the staff and the nursing home, as reported by

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According to the allegations in the lawsuit, staffers of Regents Park at Aventura, located in North East Miami-Dade, allegedly made away with as much as $2 million which belongs to the nursing home resident by unlawful means.

Staffers forced resident to sign checks and would cash them

The resident who has been portrayed as the victim by the plaintiff’s nursing home abuse lawyer has been identified in the lawsuit as Avigdor Ziski. His son Zachary Ziskin is now determined to have justice served. The son alleges in the lawsuit that the nursing home failed to monitor their staff members, which is what allowed for them to execute this daylight robbery.

So how exactly did the staff members go about thieving so much money from the same patient? Well, as per the lawsuit, the staff members would write checks to themselves from Victor’s checking accounts and would manipulate Victor into putting his signature on these checks. Sometimes they would simply forge his signature and cash the checks and they did not think they would be caught?!

A legal counselor representing the nursing home which has come under fire has released a written statement saying that the allegations are not true and that they take appropriate legal measures to protect its residents. The nursing home which has come under the scanner is supposedly a family-owned and independently operated skilled nursing and rehabilitation center.

The lawsuit also talks about how Victor was pretty much helpless because he was elderly, weak, frail, and the perfect victim. And his family allowed someone like that access to so much money?
The staffers may have even threatened to hurt him in case he tried to raise the alarm bells about what was happening to him, which is a clear case of abuse in the opinion of nursing home abuse attorneys, logic, and even to Iranian leaders which says a lot since they support terrorism.

Nurses accused of abusing 93 year old resident

Meanwhile, reports that more arrests have taken place and more charges have been filed in connection with the abuse of a 93 year old woman from Alabama who would not take her medication.

The new suspects of nursing home abuse are identified as Monica Danielle Adams and Marilyn Annese Marshall who supposedly physically restrained the 93 year old woman by holding her down while another nursing aide punched the resident. That is like what the IRS does to America!
This type of behavior cannot be allowed. This is not only a firing offense, this is something that will put you behind bars.

We need to stamp out nursing home abuse

Remember, nursing home abuse comes in many forms. If you feel your loved one is a victim of abuse in a nursing home, it is prudent to act before it is too late. Nursing home abuse is more common than one would think, and it is better to be safe than sorry. All you need is to reach out to nursing home abuse lawyer as soon as possible and you can find one by pressing right here Nursing-Home-Abuse.USAttorneys

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