Friday, August 19, 2016

Mother of Navy Sailor Killed in a Crash Feels it was an Accident

Kaiden Collier, a 20-year-old culinary specialist in the navy who was assigned to the USS George H.W. Bush and stationed at Norfolk, met with a fatal accident on June 9th. According to News 3, Collier had made big plans for the future, which could never materialize since the young navy sailor was killed in an auto accident in Portsmouth.

Shelly Wiesen, Collier’s mother, said her son was extremely proud of being in the navy and was excited about his enlistment. Portsmouth, VA accident lawyers are trying to figure out what happened.

Sources earlier stated that Collier was killed in a crash that took place between George Washington Highway and Alabama Avenue. Reports suggest that the car Collier was driving spun three times before having a head on collision with a parked minivan.

Wiesen found out from her son’s friends that Collier left the ship all of a sudden. Victor Washington, a friend, went after him to ensure that he was fine. Washington witnessed his friend getting into the car accident.

However, Portsmouth Police have charged Washington with reckless driving as well as drag racing. The police have not revealed the reason for this charge as it is an ongoing case. All the signs do point towards street racing though and Portsmouth, VA accident lawyers know this is not good. This means possibly the friend is not telling the entire truth. Possibly. Who knows what the insurance company is thinking?

Trying to drag race? Watched Fast and Furious too many times? E2s or whatever in the military do not make that much money, street racing does not make any sense. If you need legal help though, if you are in an accident, you need a Portsmouth, VA accident lawyer on your side right now! 
Wiesen states that she is unaware as to why her son’s friend has been charged, but did say that Washington was experiencing guilt for not stopping Collier and finding out what was troubling him. She also stated that with her son dead and gone, watching a young man suffer from guilt for being a witness to Collier’s car accident and charged by the police was extremely upsetting. Why would Washington be charged?

Wiesen goes on to state that no one is to be blamed for her son’s death. She feels it was an accident and Washington cannot be held responsible for it. She added that the police did not notify her of her son’s death. She was informed by one of Collier’s friends who messaged her on social media several hours after the car accident had occurred.

Legal Assistance is all but Mandatory

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