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Are you a victim of a trucking accident? Here are the legal issues on who can be held liable:

Truck accidents are legally complex since they are not only subjected to extensive state specific trucking laws, but also to federal trucking laws framed by the Federal Motor Safety Carrier Administration.

Outstanding truck accident lawyers in Minot, ND reiterate that it is a common yet incorrect presumption made by most people that the truck driver or the trucking company are the only parties that could be held legally liable for the damages caused in a truck accident caused by negligence.

However, the fact is that there are many potential liable parties that could be listed as defendants in the truck accident lawsuit. This includes the truck manufacturer, the truck owner, the truck lessor, the parties responsible for the service and maintenance of the truck, etc.

To determine who exactly is liable in a specific truck accident case will depend on the details and particulars of how and why the accident occurred or was caused in the first place. However, as a plaintiff, if you fail to list all of the liable parties as defendants in your truck accident insurance claim or lawsuit, then even though you are successful in proving the lawsuit, you will still not receive the full amount of compensation that you deserve and you may instead only receive a mere fraction of what you were seeking.

Your hospital bills will not be decreased just because you did not file the lawsuit properly.

Therefore, it is astute to consult a truck accident lawyer in North Dakota if you have to determine who exactly is liable for your accident and then go about filing your claim. You need legal assistance no matter what the situation is.

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Now in North Dakota, there are many trucks in operation because of oil shale. If the Obama administration had their way, oil shale development would not take place and the EPA would smile as thousands of high paying jobs were destroyed. So would Saudi Arabia. The reason gas prices are low in America is because some states in the US have legalized oil shale development much to the happiness of so many people who want to work and earn a decent living.

But oil shale truck drivers still need to respect the law and other drivers.

When is a trucking company liable for the conduct of its driver?

The term for the legal principle which allows for victims to hold trucking companies liable for the negligent actions of a trucking driver is known as “respondeat superior” which means – let the superior make answer. Therefore, as long as the driver’s actions were not maliciously intentional or deliberate, then the trucking company may be held responsible for the accident and the consequent damages.

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Driver – Employee vs. Independent Contractor

Another major factor which comes into play when determining whether or not a trucking company can be held liable for the damages resulting from a truck accident is whether the driver who was operating the commercial rig that was involved in the accident was a direct employee of the trucking company or whether he or she was an independent contractor, according to Minot, ND truck accident lawyers.

Generally speaking, the trucking company cannot be held liable for the negligence or actions of an independent contractor. However, there are instances where a trucking company cannot be held liable for the accident. Another facet which will influence the equation is whether the driver at the time of the accident was acting within the scope of his/her employment or not.

If you are a victim of a trucking accident caused by a negligent party, contact an astounding North Dakota truck accident attorney as soon as you can to evaluate your claim.

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