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How can I obtain a fair settlement for my car accident claim?

(Los Angeles, CA) – May 18th, 2016 – Records show that a majority of car accident related personal injury cases are settled out of court. This is the preferred way of getting compensation chiefly because it is a hassle-free procedure for both parties. In other words the victim and the defendant can avoid lengthy and costly court trials, which is something that Los Angeles, CA accident lawyers even suggest.

The first and the most vital step towards acquiring substantial compensation from the at-fault driver’s insurance will be to draft a compelling demand letter detailing the incident and backing it up with proof in the form of documents and wrapping it up with an amount that you expect from the company. The next step will be to negotiate a marvelous deal with the help of legal counselor.

Pitching the Demand Letter

For the most part, the demand letter must contain details of how the accident happened and the injuries that the plaintiff suffered as a result of the accident. Moreover treatment details and proof of medical expense, income loss etc. must also be attached with the demand letter along with a figure that the plaintiff is seeking as compensation.

In a bid to have room to move during negotiation Los Angeles, CA accident lawyers recommend that their clients quote a figure that is significantly higher than the amount the victim is ready to accept. You should allow them room to negotiate with you. Then when they work you down and you come to an agreement, you are both happy. You know they will not pay such a high figure. This way allows both parties to save face.

She will need a Los Angeles, CA accident lawyer and be very happy when she finds one.  
How to proceed after the initial offer?

The insurance company will take a couple of weeks to review the documents and the demand letter. After which the insurer will call with an offer against your claim. The initial offer made by the insurance company is often a lowball offer. You probably saw this in the movie Moneyball with Brad Pitt when they negotiating over contracts. Sometimes deals are made and one side is content and the other side is bitter but this not ideal.

However, it is critical to remember the initial offer is not what the insurer has in mind as final settlement. They too want room to negotiate.

Therefore, it is not prudent to accept any initial offer. Instead, have your legal pro draft a response rejecting the offer and cite a valid reason for the rejection. You may point out that the offer does not cover your expenses or income loss or that it completely ignored the pain and suffering element.

The response letter should remind the insurer of the facts of your accident and other salient points and must include a counter figure which is less than the one you initially quoted. Negotiations will continue in this manner for some time. If negotiations stall then legal experts and Los Angeles, CA accident attorneys suggest that you provide additional documents as proof of your injury such as testimonials from a doctor or photographs of your injury.

This is no different than in the award winning baseball movie Moneyball. If another team does not understand why you are asking this much for this player, show them the numbers that are attributed to that player.

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Accidents can be ugly. 

If a settlement seems far-fetched you can try to resolve the issue through mediation. In this process a mediator who is also a sparkling and tremendous personal injury lawyer will evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the arguments made by individual parties and then point these out to the concerned parties. 

If your car accident claim is being stonewalled by the insurance company, consult with a concrete California accident lawyer so that you are legal well covered when dealing with insurer’s seasoned legal team and the insurance agency. 

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