Monday, April 11, 2016

Temple Woman Killed in Freak Truck Accident

48 year old Rocio Casas of Temple was killed in an unfortunate accident just north of Avenue H in Temple. The accident occurred in the wee hours of the morning at South General Bruce Drive where the truck in which Casas was a passenger plunged off a drop off in a parking lot, as reported by

According to the truck driver, he had stopped near the railroad tracks at a stop sign, which was at the edge of a drop off. The driver alleges that he did not realize there was a drop and drove straight. Incidentally, the railroad tracks are around six feet lower than the parking lot. Casas was killed instantly at the scene of the accident.

Was Rocio wearing a seat belt in this strange case? Regardless, her family should be clicking on this site: Truck-Accident.USAttorneys. There may not be a case but it seems someone may be at fault. It could somewhat be the driver’s fault. He did not see that the road fell off?

That website has saved lives and just because one life has been taken does not mean more are not in jeopardy. Call up a truck accident legal represent to build rapport and to obtain an educated second opinion about the legal merits of your case.

No One Claims Responsibility for Stop Sign

Meanwhile, reports that the authorities are unaware as to who placed the traffic sign at the spot. Midlothian, TX truck accident lawyers know this can play a vital role in determining liability in a truck accident claim. A spokesman for James Construction Group LLC told police that the company did not place the stop sign. However, according to Officer Shawana Neely, spokeswoman for the Temple Police Department, James Construction did place the sign at the spot after its location was approved by the Texas Department of Transportation.

The stop sign in question is just at the tip of the Wilsonart parking lot near the railroad tracks. Unfortunately, the truck dropped 6 feet onto the railroad tracks. Allen Teston, a spokesman for James Construction said the sign would have to be at least 7 feet tall and mounted on a breakaway pole in order to be approved. He claims it is on a private property and wasn’t even in the company’s safety plan.

James Construction claims to have no record of how long the sign has been up although it does show signs of wear and tear. This is a strange case.

Why Driver Forward?

TxDOT defended itself through its spokeswoman, Jodi Wheatley, who claimed that the sign was not on its right of way and despite having shown up on an aerial photo take last fall, it did not appear on satellite maps. There should have been a sign that indicates a drop off. But why did this driver continue to drive forward? There was not any road forward.

Meanwhile, the truck driver, who remains unidentified, claims that he did not realize there was a drop off but did stop at the sign before driving straight ahead and down onto the tracks. According to Officer Shawana Neely, the field sobriety tests conducted on the truck driver haven’t yet been released. Incidentally, lighting in the area is poor while heavy construction continues in the area.
This, according to expert truck accident attorneys in Texas will also play a major role in establishing liability in any compensation claim following the truck accident. Investigations into the accident are ongoing.

Needing Legal Help in the Truck Accident Department

According to Midlothian, TX truck accident lawyers, there are several factors involved in proving liability in an accident involving a commercial vehicle. The evidence gathered from police reports, driver logs, maintenance reports, and other relevant information, can play a vital role in establishing liability and determining compensation.

If you are a victim of an accident involving a commercial vehicle such as a big rig, 18-wheeler or semi, don’t hesitate to reach out to a Texas truck accident lawyer. You have the right to claim compensation for your pain and suffering and a legal expert will be able to evaluate your claim and represent you effectively during negotiations and/or in court. 

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