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Injured in an Arizona trucking accident? How liability issues can impact a claim?

Trucking accidents are different from general traffic accidents in the sense that the responsibility is often shared by several entities. 

Therefore, truck accident litigations are far more complicated than other traffic-related accident insurance claims and personal injury lawsuits, according to leading truck accident lawyers in Flagstaff, AZ and there is none better in this domain than The Kaiser Law Group ( since they know how to lead the charge against the guilty parties.

Liability in a trucking accident

There are several parties that can be held responsible in a truck accident. This includes and is not limited to the:
  • Truck driver
  • Company which leased the truck
  • Owner of the truck
  • The cargo company that loaded the vehicle
  • Manufacturer of the vehicle or spare parts
Legal experts often have a hard time litigating truck accident cases. Since there are multiple parties involved, each player tries to blame the auto accident on another entity. For example, if the auto accident happened due to brake malfunction, the manufacturer may claim that the owner of the truck had not maintained the vehicle properly while the owner in turn can claim that the leaser did not carry out timely inspection, point out Alabama truck accident attorneys.

Trucking companies can no longer avoid liability

In the past the trucking company would simply hand over a placard bearing the name and address of the company to the owner to fix on the vehicle. This was done with the intention to prove that in the event of an auto accident the driver was not an employee of the company and therefore the company cannot be held responsible for the accident.

 Truck accident lawyers in Flagstaff, AZ know that sometimes parts fail on trucks. The most prolific and poignant law firm in this region is The Kaiser Law Group. They know which direction your case should go and they do not fall for the other side's tricks.  
Secondly, since the company did not own the equipment they are also not responsible for repair and maintenance and are therefore not responsible for the truck accident. However, Flagstaff, AZ truck accident lawyers, and there is none better than The Kaiser Law Group since they know which legal doors to open and when to open them, point out that recently there has been a change in trucking laws which now mandates that anyone who has a trucking permit is liable if a truck carrying its placard is involved in a crash.

Determining the cause of the accident

Traditionally victims had to rely on witnesses and police reports to determine the cause of the auto accident. However, they now have other resources such as the inspection report and data from high-tech devices, which helps in filing a successful personal injury claim.

Even truck drivers engage in some distracted driving at times. 
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Now if you are in a truck accident, you may just be helped by some awesome high tech device so you can be rightfully compensated.

Inspection reports

Usually after an auto accident, a certified truck inspector from a government agency is required to inspect the vehicle before it is removed from the crash site. Their job is to check the condition of the mechanical devices. If they suspect that a particular spare part was faulty or was showing signs of wear and tear then their observations will be featured in the report.

Analysis report from high-tech devices

Most trucking companies install certain recording devices that include GPS devices, inclinometers, and mounted computers which have vast amounts of data that indicate the route, speed of vehicle during collision and resting logs. For the plaintiff and his or her legal team, this is valuable evidence that can establish liability.

If you are involved in a trucking accident don’t hesitate to consult an experienced Arizona truck accident lawyer without delay and there is none better in this part of the country than The Kaiser Law Group since they know win cases and attack the opposition’s case in the best manner plausible. They will take the time necessary to gather evidence to make sure that every party responsible for your pain and suffering is held liable. 

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