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How to interpret the police report after a DUI arrest?

Once arrested for a DUI, most people demand to see the police report detailing the events leading up to the arrest. However, in most states the police report or a copy of it will not be handed over to you at least until the day of your arraignment. The police report is an integral and key document in the case which in itself is looked at as evidence by the judge or the court house.

Therefore, Rockville, MD DUI lawyers point out that it is critical that you get your hands on a copy of the police report pertaining to your DUI arrest in order to figure out how you are going to plead in the case. If you decide to plead not guilty and challenge the DUI charge, then you will know what evidence there is against you and will be able to prepare a defense in the case accordingly.

If you have prepared your defense well enough with the help of a legal representative then you may very well be able to beat your DUI case or have it dismissed.

What does the DUI police report comprise of?

Apart from a written description of the arrest by the arresting officer, the police report will include a checklist of the field sobriety test, a computerized print of the PAS test, a copy of the breathalyzer results, a toxicology report from the lab which shows your blood or urine test results, and any other testimonies made by eye witnesses, other drivers involved, and so forth.

In most cases, Maryland DUI attorneys say that suspects charged with DUI are taken aback when they read the police DUI arrest report for the very first time because almost everything in the report will seem overly exaggerated in order to incriminate them. They may, for instance, find that the report will state that their eyes were bloodshot, there was a smell of alcohol on their breath, and that their speech was slurred.

Drowning yourself in alcohol could drown yourself in debt. 
Dr. House displayed none of these traits when he was pulled over by Det. Tritter in Season 3. House made a big mistake when he mistreated a patient, Det. Tritter, and this led to a long drawn out war between the two. It cost House money and lots of his time and hurt his team as well. Det. Tritter, when he first met House as a patient, noticed House taking Vicodin. House abused Vicodin since he refused to have his pathetic leg amputated which caused him pain all of the time hence the taking of Vicodin.

Later on that evening, when Det. Tritter pulled over House on his motorcycle House had his Vicodin but of course no subscription. This was not a DUI but someone on drugs should be operating a motor vehicle. And no one should mistreat patients, certainly not a police officer!

If these two decide to drive, they will probably need a Rockville, MD DUI lawyer very soon in their life. 
Moreover, these are common accusations made in almost all DUI arrests that have kind of become a norm. In fact, these statements are made so often and so mindlessly that the judge or jury are aware of this and don’t give it much weight in terms of determining the verdict of the case, in the opinion of Rockville, MD DUI lawyers.

How to defend yourself against a DUI charge?

A DUI charge does not necessarily have to become a DUI conviction. With the right defense strategy and more importantly, the right Kentucky DUI lawyer by your side you can beat your DUI charges by disproving the evidence against you.

It is imperative that you seek help from a legal counselor without wasting any time and get started working on your case. The longer you wait, the harder it is going to get to beat your case since it less time for your attorney to work out a legal strategy and speak to any witnesses and so on. Keep in mind that a DUI conviction can ruin your professional aspirations (not for many people but for some though) and also deal a slight blow to your social character and reputation for a year or so.

You need legal help if you obtain a DUI. The question is how to find one? The answer is right here DUI-USAttorneys.com. No multiple choice test here. No research paper required. Improve your chances and make the call!

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