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Is your loved one charged with a crime? How do judges potentially accept or reject plea deals?

For the most part, criminal defense lawyers are known to employ a number of defense strategies to protect their clients and prove their innocence. However, there are times when the evidence against the suspect is simply irrefutable, even among individuals charged with a DUI. In such cases, the legal professional may choose to enter a plea deal with the prosecution and reach a mutually beneficial agreement.

Criminal defense lawyers in Alexandria, VA know that if you make a mistake you deserve to have your day in court. This is America, not Cuba!
If you want to think about cases where someone is guilty we can look at Hillary Clinton who sent 113 classified emails from an unprotected server. She is 100% guilty. Bowe Bergdahl who deserted his fellow troops and then the army was misguided enough to send soldiers out looking for him and some of them died. Bowe Bergdahl is 100% guilty for desertion and possibly even for being a traitor. The Boston Bombers, one is dead but the other is 100% guilty. That trial should have lasted about three weeks, not years.

Moreover, in a plea deal, the agreement is that the defendant or suspect will plead guilty not to the original charges pressed but to a lesser charge where the punishments and/or penalties aren’t as severe. However, it isn’t just enough for the prosecution and the defendants to come to an agreement in terms of a plea deal. Any agreement also requires the judge’s approval, explain criminal defense lawyers in Alexandria, VA.

Presenting the plea deal to the judge

To begin with, when the defendant and his/her legal counsel and the prosecutors come to an agreement, they must present it to the judge in charge of the case for assessment and approval. For instance, let us say the defendant Mr. X and his legal counsel reached an agreement with the prosecution that Mr. X will plead guilty to a lesser charge and in exchange will provide testimony against another defendant in the case.

This specific condition of the deal must be clearly presented to the judge. In essence, there needs to be a reason for the judge to approve a plea deal, according to Virginia criminal defense attorneys.

Factors a judge considers prior to approving a plea deal

The judge has the sole discretion of whether to accept or reject a plea deal. However, there are a few general guidelines and standards used as reference to assist a judge’s decision. Some of the most critical factors when it comes to a plea deal are:
  • The facts of the case – This includes the original charges, evidence present, defendant’s initial argument, severity of the crime, etc.
  • The victim’s interest – A judge may approve a plea deal without the victim’s due permission. However, the judge will obviously be compassionate to the victim and consider their sentiments prior to approving a plea deal. Well, unless the judge is liberal leaning, then the victim may not matter that much at all.
  • The interest of the general public – If the defendant/suspect is deemed as dangerous and a threat to public safety then it is unlikely that the judge will pass a plea deal, especially if it means that the defendant will not be sentenced to any prison time.
In the opinion of Alexandria, VA criminal defense lawyers, judges also have the power vested in them to accept only some terms or specifics of a plea bargain, and reject the rest or suggest other terms as they may seem fit.

If you believe you could be arrested or charged with a crime and want more information on how to enter a plea bargain effectively make sure to consult a Virginia criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible.

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