Monday, April 11, 2016

Manhattan Art College Professor Faces Sexual Harassment Lawsuit for Racial Discrimination against Students

Sexual comments laden with racially offensive language made against former female students has landed a Manhattan Art College professor in deep legal trouble. It also became apparent that the lawsuit has brought allegations against the school as well, which ignored complaints made by the students. reveals that New York Academy of Art professor, Wade Schuman, who has been teaching at the college for 20 years, was named in a lawsuit brought by four of his former students.

The lawsuit mentions that he touched Sarah Novio inappropriately, racially targeted a Hispanic student Jehdy Vargas, and subjected Camilla Yoshimoto and Magly Vega-lopez to sexual harassment and discrimination, which could potential be a case of quid pro quo harassment in the opinion of sexual harassment lawyers, depending on several factors, where the employer may be held liable for failing to take note of the harassment.

The three Hispanic women and the one Asian woman took the professor’s class during 2014-2015 at different times when they were studying there to get their master’s degree.

The Incidents that Led to the Lawsuit

53 year old Schuman is a well-known painter. According to the lawsuit he had bullied Vargas repeatedly for coming from the Dominican Republican. On one occasion when she had arrived late for class, he had asked if being late is a Spanish thing. On another occasion he had asked her whether she would like to bring some Santeria people to do a chicken sacrifice. Schuman, what are you thinking? Are you out of your mind?

Schuman, he must believe this is 1940 or something. It is not 1948 Schuman!

Vargas complained about the incident to the school administration. Schuman having learned about the complaint tried to intimidate her by entering into the elevator with Vargas unnecessarily and as Vargas pointed out in the lawsuit that he had no business being there. Schuman, looks like you will be out of job soon.

Schuman had also allegedly grasped Novio’s wrist and touched her multiple times and each time she had felt uncomfortable when he had done that.

University’s Response to the Complaints

In reply to the complaint that Vargas made, the school administration cited an absurd rule. They said that in order to fire Schuman they will need at least three instances. In lieu of punishing him, Vargas was offered tuition reimbursement which the lawsuit had described as a slap on her face.

Vargas and Yoshimoto, both in their early 30s, had also reported the professor’s unwanted sexual conduct to the dean who downplayed the entire incident as ‘Wade being Wade’. Hilarious! What are they thinking?! This is like The Walking Dead at the end of season 5 when the mayor and the people living in Alexandria just did not get it. Rick Grimes had to teach them a lesson the hard way!

Sexual harassment attorney Eric Baum of Eisenberg and Baum LLP described the professor’s behavior as despicable. He said that the failure of the school to take the complaints seriously and investigate the matter was equally disturbing. One wrong became two wrongs.

This website (Sexual-Harassment-USAttorneys) is not wrong. Using this website is certainly not wrong. Fighting against the power is an American right and basically an American hallmark. The Chinese are finally getting some rights in their own country against big power and big government but that is another topic.

You have every right to be upset if a professor slashes your race or gender, in a sexual manner or not, in front of the class or in an empty classroom. Use that website to find the legal help you need.

Vargas’s Performance and Response it Elicited

In a bid to protest the university’s refusal to give due attention to the complaint Vargas acted out a chicken sacrifice as a performance piece in front of Sotheby’s where an auction was organized by the university in October.

The university described the lawsuit and Vargas’s protest as a vitriolic public campaign aimed at harassing Mr. Schuman. The university’s spokesperson also said that the Academy had received hundreds of expressions of support for Professor Schuman mainly from his alumni, staff, and current students.

Angharad Coates, the university spokesperson, also claimed that the school had conducted an extensive investigation with the aid of an outside agency in adherence with the school policy. She said that the university is confident the court will resolve the matter in favor of Schuman and the Academy.

The students are seeking monetary compensation from the college for racial gender and national discrimination, sexual harassment, and emotional distress and other charges.

Are all the students that supported Schuman white? That is what some people want to know.

If you are facing emotional trauma due to persistent sexual harassment at your school, college, or your workplace, don’t hesitate to speak with a sexual harassment lawyer immediately. Don’t be a victim and do not allow schools like Manhattan Art College to get away with it. If you do, the problem will just persist.  

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