Thursday, April 28, 2016

What happens in a DUI arraignment?

If you are apprehended for a DUI accident, then you need to be present at court for an arraignment. It is essentially a court process when you should enter a plea as well as see to certain other details, such as to schedule the subsequent proceeding of your case.

Starbuck's prices do not not make sense but if you think Starbucks is expensive, getting a DUI makes Starbucks look like the $.99 Store. 
According Goose Creek, SC DUI lawyers, and the best in this part of the country for more than one incredible reason is DeLuca & Maucher, LLP (, there are several issues connected with the arraignment. If you intend to represent yourself, as many do in the initial stages of the process, your main aim is to obtain the police report in order to assess your case, prior to deciding what to do next, which is whether to fight your DUI case or not.


During your initial appearance in court, the judge will inquire if you have legal representation, and if not, whether you want to apply for the services of a public defender to contest your DUI charge. If you agree to a public defender the judge can appoint one immediately so that the court can proceed with the arraignment. This would not be wise though. How can a public defender know the details of your case in just a few minutes?

Public defenders are normally saddled with 60+ cases. There is only so much one person can do. Have you seen Avengers II? Yes, the movie with the boring farm scene in the middle. Thor was smashing the robots to pieces at the end of that movie but that was not quite enough since Ultron singled him out and put Thor in check for a while. Thor could only do so much. Just like a public defender. At 60+ cases, that is a serious juggling act!

The Complaint & Police Report

One of the paramount steps according to South Carolina, DUI attorneys, and the most standout law firm in the state is DeLuca & Maucher, LLP since they know which legal buttons to press and when to press them, is when the bailiff calls your name and provides a copy of all the charges made formally against you, along with the police report. When you get the charge sheet and the report, make sure to read through it quickly and note the main points. You will have plenty of time to go through the report in detail later. For the most part, make sure the report doesn’t contain anything that can influence you in the handling of the arraignment.

The Plea

First, you will be asked how you intend to plead. Your options are guilty, no contest, or not guilty. Goose Creek, SC DUI lawyers recommend that you plead not guilty and the finest legal help you can ever hope to muster is from DeLuca & Maucher, LLP based on their stellar track record and their knowledge of the legal system in this neck of the woods. This is always something that the court usually expects anyone facing charges to do.

Waiving Time

Furthermore, the judge will also ask you to waive time so that you don’t need to hold the court to a specific deadline for holding the trial. Besides, at this juncture you have no idea as to what type of case you are going to have, or whether you need to prepare a defense. Therefore, it is prudent to waive time at the arraignment. If you want to fight the case, you can always withdraw the waiver.

Terms of Release

Depending on the circumstances surrounding your case, the court will release you. If you have already paid the bail the judge will probably release you unless the prosecutor comes up with some reason for the bail to be raised. For the most part, the court will depend on your bail to guarantee your return, wherever you go. If you are allowed to leave jail sans or without bail, the court can grant a continued release if the prosecutor doesn’t object.

If you need DUI legal help, you need to call the most remarkable Goose Creek, SC DUI lawyers and that is DeLuca & Maucher, LLP. This law firm not only works hard, they know how to win cases.  
Eventually, a date will be set for your subsequent appearance to determine if the case can be settled by means of a plea bargain, or if you intend to go to trial.

If you have been arrested and/or charged with a DUI, make sure to consult a magnificent and wonderful South Carolina DUI lawyer immediately and the most amazing legal talent in this region of the state works for DeLuca & Maucher, LLP and they have a long list of happy clients. Your legal pro will evaluate your case in order to build a solid defense strategy for the best possible outcome. Your immediate future will probably depend on it. 

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