Monday, July 25, 2016

Surviving Victim of Fatal DUI Accident Speaks Her Mind

One woman is now in jail and another in an intensive care unit in a serious medical condition and one man has lost his life in a drunken driving accident. The woman in jail is 25 year old Amanda Kosal and the woman being treated for massive injuries in an intensive care unit is 31 year old Brittany Johnson. The deceased male has been identified as Jerome Zirker who was Johnson’s 31 year old fiancĂ©, as reported by

It seems DUI lawyers in Detroit, MI have their hands full. 
According to accident investigators, Kosal was allegedly driving while under the influence of alcohol when she veered into the opposite lane with cars coming head on at substantial speeds before she finally struck the SUV occupied by Johnson and Zirkerwere. The accident happened on Beach Daly Road near Plymouth Road.

Kosal has been charged with drunk driving causing serious injury or death. DUI lawyers in Detroit, MI point out that the consequences for vehicular homicide can include very lengthy jail terms.
Do not drive drunk! That is the moral of this story and this is no allegory. This is as plain as black or white. 

The surviving victim, Johnson, agreed to speak to media personnel in an interview where she expressed that Kosal had taken everything away from her. Zirker’s death leaves Johnson as a single mother of five kids. According to Johnson, she had just been picked up by Zirker from her 12 hour shift as a caregiver in a nursing home. Usually, Johnson said, all five kids would ride along with Zirker to pick up Johnson, but fortunately they were spending the day at their grandmother’s house on the day of the accident.

Kosal is now out on a bond of $35,000. Amanda Kosal did not listen to her high school teachers when they told her not to drink and drive.

Woman Arrested for DUI was Semi Naked and had Her Kids in the Backseat

Law enforcement officers were taken aback when they found a woman who was only partially clothed sitting behind the wheel of a broken down vehicle and had her children in the backseat. Furthermore, officers say she was clearly inebriated, as reported by Detroit DUI lawyers are not impressed by this behavior.

Law enforcement officers were responding to a call about a broken down vehicle at about 3 am in the morning in the area of Interstate 75 and Adams Road when they found the half-naked woman who they said was reeking of alcohol and seemed uncoordinated. She will seem childless when she loses custody to those children according to insiders.

An adult man was seated in the passenger seat and two children aged 2 and 3 were occupying the backseat of the car.

Well, at least she is dressed. 
The woman who was wearing just a tank top and underpants confessed to the officers that she had had a few beers at a party in Pontiac. A search of her purse revealed a prescription bottle of Xanax. No more partying for her for a while!

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