Tuesday, May 17, 2016

What are the personal injury issues pertaining to truck accidents?

Truck accidents are unique when compared to other traffic accident cases and therefore present different challenges in terms of litigation. Trucking operators are subjected not only to state trucking laws but also need to abide by federal trucking laws. Furthermore, they are also required to have insurance with a much higher upper limit in terms of coverage.

If you get into a truck accident, you need a Sonoma, CA truck accident lawyer.
Another thing to consider while dealing with truck accident litigation or potential litigation is the fact that there are many parties (both individuals and organizations) that can be liable to pay compensation to the victims for the truck accident and it is not only the truck driver who is responsible, say Sonoma, CA truck accident lawyers.

State and federal laws will dictate standards for conduct and insurance

Laws and regulations pertaining to trucking and truck operators are vast and comprehensive. Right from minimum safety standards, driver training, licensing and scheduling, payload weights to equipment requirements and service standards are all set by both state specific laws and federal trucking laws. It is the responsibility of the trucking operator and truck driver to ensure that they comply with both sets of laws.

If an accident occurs where the plaintiff is not at fault, it is probable that one of the laws in the vast ocean of trucking laws was violated and when this happens, it is only a matter of finding out what statute was violated and prove it in order to be able to conclusively win your truck accident lawsuit as a plaintiff.

In all states, it is a norm for trucking regulations to require truck operators to have higher insurance coverage than compared to other vehicles. This means that even if the driver or operator is only insured for the minimum coverage amount, the plaintiff will not be stuck with a small or underwhelming amount and will actually get what he or she deserves, according to California truck accident attorneys.

As mentioned, truck accident laws are extensive and truck accident litigation can often take a long time to conclude, which could be years. This means that both the plaintiff and defendants will have to spend money, time, and effort pursuing the case.

Therefore an out of court settlement is sometimes preferred and can benefit both parties. However, according to Sonoma, CA truck accident lawyers, the issue with settlements is that accident insurance adjustors often offer meager amounts in the settlement in order to save the trucking company money. They are also adept at convincing people that the amount they are offering is appropriate and is what the case is worth.

They do this for a living. In fact, if they save the insurance company money they probably receive a bonus. You may have seen this in the show The Good Wife when Alicia Florrick (Julianna Margulies) and her firm (Lockhart/Gardner) were super happy that they settled for a case worth over $30 million. They were pretty happy, ecstatic really. But when Louis Canning (Michael J. Fox) told her that he received a sizeable bonus for saving the company $40 million or the smile came off of Alicia’s face while being replaced by shock.

Do not sign anything with any insurance company until you have a Sonoma, CA truck accident attorney by your side. 
You may believe the insurance company is giving you a decent chunk of change but they are probably not. They are cutting you short.

The best thing to do if you are a victim of an accident involving a commercial vehicle would be to consult a fantastic California truck accident lawyer who can extrapolate what the case is actually worth and thus help you effectively negotiate with the defendant, their insurance company, their lawyers, and the company itself if that is the case.

Don’t be a Lockhart/Gardner - do not get tricked and settle for the low hanging fruit. Press right here Truck-Accident.USAttorneys and grab what your case’s worth. You do not even know how badly you are hurt. If you do not know that, do not settle anything.

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