Wednesday, March 23, 2016

How to get Your Worker’s Comp Claim Moving

Many New York workers complain that they never get their worker’s compensation benefits on time, even when their paperwork is perfectly in order. It is not unlikely for worker’s compensation cases to drag on for months and in some unfortunate cases it can even take years.

A significant number of cases take more than 2 years to resolve. However, to speed things up after any type of injury including a truck accident, you can take a few proactive steps and Forest Hills, NY workers’ compensation lawyers know all about this and the best in the arena and in or around the Big Apple is the Law Offices of Michael Dreishpoon (

Hire a Worker’s Compensation Lawyer

Many insurers have a habit of shelving claims simply because they feel that they have more pressing matters to deal with. However, the attitude towards a claim changes as soon as a legal pro is involved. The insurer is often more willing take notice because of the involvement of a New York workers’ compensation attorney such as the Law Offices of Michael Dreishpoon who has a long list of satisfied clients and you too can be on this coveted list, which is a clear indication that you are serious about your claim and can take legal recourse if the claim keeps gathering dust.

Your legal representative will study your claim and try to resolve the issues faster by eliminating the possibility of filing errors.

Do not Reschedule Appointments

Many states require you to visit a particular doctor, ask you to do some tests, attend depositions, and mediations. Legal counselors and insurers often schedule these appointments among themselves and you may learn of the dates after the appointments have been finalized. Even though this situation is frustrating you must adhere to the schedule.

For instance, if you fail to keep a doctor’s appointment, you might have to wait for a month before the doctor is able to examine you, because there were simply no slots available at earlier dates when you could have been accommodated, which leads to your workers’ compensation claim being delayed or denied.

Be Proactive with Settlement Offers

Many Forest Hills, NY workers’ compensation lawyers and there is no one better in this northeastern state than the Law Offices of Michael Dreishpoon suggest that you must always push for a settlement. This is because workers compensation insurance cases that go to hearings and trials take longer to settle. This means that if you are not satisfied with an offer from the insurer do not let the negotiations stall. Ask your legal counselor to make a counter offer and negotiate on your behalf.

If they can negotiate like Bernie Mac did in Ocean’s 11 all the more better! There is nothing wrong with having a strong grip!

Sometimes you might not get an update on your case for weeks. This is because legal representatives are busy with the several cases and they forget to keep you in the loop. So make sure to call your litigator from time to time to know the progress of your claim. Outstanding law firms and legal professionals will not forget about you and certainly not the Law Offices of Michael Dreishpoon. This is what smart phone calendars or for!

Be Ready to Compromise

Workers often make unreasonable claims and it is one of most common reasons why claims are stalled. This is why if you have no idea how much to expect for your claim, make sure to seek help from a legal counselor who will determine a figure after analyzing similar cases in the recent past. Moreover your lawyer will also evaluate strengths and weaknesses of your case. After this you will have a clear idea as to how much you are willing to compromise based on the figure that your legal rep works up for you.

Be Ready to Communicate

Be in contact with your lawyer. If your legal counselor needs additional information or a document, provide them with that information ASAP. If your legal professional fails to update you regularly call him and if you think he is stonewalling you can find new legal representation. 

If you have suffered workplace injuries and seem to have reached a roadblock with your claim, you can always reach out to a workers’ compensation lawyer in New York and one of the most remarkable, if not the best, is the Law Offices of Michael Dreishpoon. Your legal counselor will make sure things begin to move in the right direction and help you recover on every front. Compared to trying to navigate this system yourself, the difference is almost like night and day. 

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